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City West Financial Lobby Renovations are Complete

Originally built in 1990, City West Financial recently celebrated the completion of phase one of a multi-phase renovation plan.

“Building owner Dakota REIT was looking to upgrade the lobby area to create a contemporary and welcoming feel,” said Emily Becker, RMA Real Estate Services president. “We began working on the concept about a year and a half ago and are thrilled to see the improvements come to life.”

Phase one of the project included removing the revolving doors and installing a more modern entrance. Wall and floor coverings in the lobby were replaced with fresh paint and tile and a new layout of comfortable seating was implemented.

“The lobby has been completely transformed into a fresh, clean space with spectacular natural light throughout,” said Becker. “It is truly the signature feature of the building,”

With Crawford Merz as the general contractor, construction officially began on April 12, 2021, and was completed in a few short months. “Crawford Merz has been incredibly efficient and on schedule for the planning and construction of this project,” explained Becker. “We appreciate their work and partnership on the renovations.”

City West Financial is in a highly visible and desired location at 6500 City West Park in Eden Prairie at the intersection of Highway 212 and Shady Oak Road. With ease of access to the Twin Cities metro area and short walk to the light rail, City West Financial is perfectly positioned in the metro.

Key tenants include Horizon Agency and Future Electronics. 

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